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Out bound Incentive Programs
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Adventure & Team Building Programs

Adventure & Team Building Programs

Providing Incentive through travel can be very effective and rewarding. Turn experiences into motivation and motivation into returns. A successful incentive program not only increases profits by motivating employees to work harder and customers to buy more, but it also builds loyalty, dedication and camaraderie.

Offer your staff the chance to have their golfing or tennis skills at one of the island’s purpose built resorts set in peaceful surroundings with spectacular views. Make them feel like millionaire for a day experiencing the comfort of a private yacht or make them pampered at one of the island’s luxury spa.

Programs to motivate top achievers to continue surpassing targets –

    • Leadership Programs
    • Team Development
    • Performance Improvement Teams
    • Facilitation Workshops
    • High Performance Teams
    • Graduate Development
    • New Employee Apprentice Programs

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    Few of the Adventure activities

    PARAGLIDING - An exciting adventure for people who love to reach new heights. The sky is your road for the escapade, come on and touch the sky. Paragliding has evolved into a wonderful flying sport all over the world. The convenience and simplicity of Paragliding is unimaginable. It is now possible for a common man to experience the thrill of flying.

    CAMPING - It is perhaps the best way to enjoy the wonders of nature and share the warmth of people. Enjoy staying in tented accommodation amongst nature's creations. Anyone who likes to explore nature and want to learn the facts about what nature have given to us and what we can give in return can take up this camping expedition. It works as a recreational program and there isn't any age limit in this.

    RIVER RAFTING - Don't miss the ride of a life time. White water rafting is a challenge to judge your potential. The thrill of rushing down the untamed mountain streams froth with huge waves, dashing against dangerous boulders and dizzy rapids, while you cling for your dear life dependent on a fragile, inflatable rubber raft or dinghy. An excellent gateway from the city stress.

    MOUNTAIN CYCLING - Gear yourself for a high adventure with an expedition on cycles. You can pedal your way past high passes or simply make a day-adventure. The tour can be coupled with camping and can be carried on for several weeks over diverse terrain.

    SCUBA DIVING – One of the greatest adventures in life can be to explore the totally unknown and unexplored world under the sea. A sheer thrill of floating inside the sea like a fish, watching beautiful creatures & the rich flora and fauna in their natural habitat is unparallel and every new sight is a discovery can be immense. 

    PARASAILING - A hilarious adventure that cannot be missed. Soar over the hills, Dip whenever you aspire to feel the chilled water, glide and sail, feel the freedom of a bird.

    ANGLING & FISHING - Angling could become a very enjoyable sport that is if you've got plenty of time in hand and loads of patience. Trout fishing in the river and ice-fed mountain streams is a great sport. Solitude seekers can spend hours in quiet contemplation, of the beauty around. Enjoy and catch the excitement of hooking a rainbow.

    TREKKING - An adventure that adds a spice to uncertainty & excitement. A simple desire to pick a path and walk in your own pace and enjoy the beauty around you. The most important thing while trekking is to appreciate the scale and match one’s destination with one’s ability, for after all it’s about conquering the highest mountain ranges in the world!

    RAPPELLING – A classic challenge of heights, the fear factor, an incredible feeling of suspension and success; and a powerful accomplishment. Rappelling is the quickest and easiest way to get a taste of mountaineering. Rappelling also has a psychological application in training programmes in encouraging trust in unfamiliar systems and protocols and following them well to achieve something that seems extremely difficult at first sight.

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